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Here is my week in photos

I’m actually excited about doing this post. I’m combining a few link-ups in here so that’s always a plus!

Here is my week in photographs & words too of course



Monday marked the very first day of preschool for my little Natalya. I was such a proud and happy mommy. I love my little girl so much. I’m so proud of her accomplishments and her starting school. I was so much more excited then she was..lol. But that’s ok. I actually even cried before we got out of the house too. I don’t even know why either. She has been going to “school” since she was 5 weeks old. And at this academy since she was one year old. So it was that different. But to me, it marks her becoming a little girl. So smart and not a baby anymore. Daddy didn’t want his photo taken even though I tried to get us all in there.



Out during my lunch break, me and a co-worker were outside of CVS and she pointed out this moth on a pole. So I took a picture because neither one of us has ever seen a moth so vibrant or colorful. Normally moths are dull and ugly. But not this one! I posted this photo on my facebook page and my aunt was nice enough to do some research and figure out what this cute little bug was. Check it out: Dryocampa rubicunda



Wednesday was the first day in a long time I really drank any water. I know, hate on me. I should drink a whole lot more then I do, but I love pop {soda…whatever}. So I was proud I drank some. I actually went 4 months without drinking any pop but now I just can’t live without it. I have to have a Dr. Pepper all the time. I guess I could be addicted to worse things. So the Racetrack cup is because me and my co-worker took a break and went over to Racetrack to get something to drink and snack on and the guy behind the register I guess thought I was cute and told me it was a free drink on him and let me leave without paying for anything. I was like SWEET!! Hell ya! I need to go back more when he’s there..lol. And the last photo is of the little lizard that crept on the wall and kept me company at work. Lizards are everywhere down here. In your house, in your car, at work, etc…. but he was a baby and I thought he was special enough to snap his photo.



I snapped these photos right outside of work as I was leaving. Another storm rolling through. Rain rain go away. It seems to rain non-stop from May-September. The storms don’t last long though but was making for some pretty pictures. Then getting into my car, I got poured on {its because I stopped and took too much time to snap these} and then it was like driving through a hurricane part of my way home. Nice, right?


No real pictures for today. I woke up and then freakin’ turned my head the wrong way and SNAP! A pinched nerve grew and man, does the bugger hurt. I hate getting these. I get them often and its no fun at all. I had one hell of a day first trying to brush my hair. I cried in pain. Then trying to switch lanes on the interstate {yea, that was sucky. I had to just go with it and hope no one was beside me}. Then work all day stuck in one place and the pain shooting all over me. But at least it’s the weekend and I hope it will go away by Monday. *fingers crossed*


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