ITS OK Thursdays 8-11-11 - xoxo Rebecca

ITS OK Thursdays 8-11-11

I found a new blog today and the blog hop grabbed my attention. So I naturally jumped on it. ITS OK Thursday. It seems like another sort of "venting" hop in a way and that's fine by me. Shall we begin?

Its Ok Thursdays

ITS complain a little too much. I don't see nothing wrong with it. It helps get out some anger most of the time.

ITS pretend to be someone else for a moment.

ITS eat a tub of frosting at midnight just because.

ITS not be the most beautiful. If the world didn't have makeup, beauty would be a lot more welcomed I think.

ITS sometimes just roll out of bed and don't give a fuck about anything.

ITS dance and sing your heart out whether or not anyone is looking.

ITS brag every now and then. Boost yourself a little can be a great thing. Just don't let your ego explode.

ITS want to feel selfish and spend money on yourself sometimes. Especially if you never get to.

ITS want to live a fairy tale life. Even when most people tell you, you are full of BS.

ITS skip work and call in sick just to have a day to yourself.

ITS get into a little trouble every now and then.

ITS want to have friends. Its ok to want to be loved and liked. Regardless of what people say.

ITS want to be left alone sometimes.

ITS take on the world if you are up for the challenge.