I Am A Dreamer

So of course, my girl Destiny at Rockin Mama never ceases to amazing and entertain me. I love all her little blog posts and all these fun little link ups she always has going on. So naturally, I try to participate as much as possible.

Its: 1:30am right now and I'm still up because I want to write all this out :0) I'ma good friend blogger..lol

Anyway, so she is asking what you dream about. I think this is going to be fun and amusing to read what others have to write.

So I dream very often. I think there have been only a few handful of times where I didn't have a dream. All my dreams are in color and feel like complete real life. I have had dreams about almost everything and anythig you can think of.

When I was little (around 6 years old) I used to have the same re-occurring dream where witches had me on a table and doing experiments on me. I would be tied down while they put snakes, spiders, and all kinds of things on my body. I have no idea why but I seemed to dream that every night.
When I got to about 7th grade, I would always dream about something dealing with a past life. What I thought maybe was a past life experiences. I had lots of dreams of me being a victim during WWII. They seemed so real and I felt a deep connection with the dreams. Who knows, maybe it really was something more then just a dream. But it went on for a while.
In my adult life, I seemed to start having more nightmares. Dreams of horrible things happening to me. There was one dream I remember so well because it has been the most insane dream experience I have had. And the reason was, because my mom had the exact same dream the same night I did. So it was very freaky to add that in.
I was home one Christmas from college and at my parents house and I had a dream that my mother was trying to kill me. She burnt down the house with me in it and when I somehow escaped the house, she tied a rope around my neck and then the other end to the bumper of a white truck and dragged me on an unpaved road while the back window had shattered and the glass was cutting up my body and face. I remember looking up and she was just laughing and laughing and wouldn't stop with a crazy look on her face.
That's when I woke up. That morning, I told my mom I just had a crazy dream that night and she told me that she just had a really bad dream. When I started to explain what it was about, she said she had the exact same dream and it scared her really bad. She became actually so frightened by it, she didn't act normal toward me for a few days and felt very scared and very depressed.
My mom and I are extremely close so I know it hurt her really bad to even have a thought of hurting me. But the experience is one we won't forget. Its not normal for two people to dream the exact same thing especially when its your own parent turning violent on you.
So there have been a few happy dreams I have had though. I had a dream that I was Zack from Saved By The Bell's girlfriend and Kelly was so jealous...lol...I remembered that one because I wrote it in my diary at the time. So funny and retarded, but it was a very good dream. I enjoyed it :O)
If you ask my husband what I dream about, he will tell you I always dream about negative things. For some reason, I tend to have a lot of dreams very often about him cheating on me. They get so real and and so vivid, I've actually woken up feeling as if I'm having a heart attack from so much angry and I tend to kick him a lot and very upset and pissed off for a long time after I'm awake because it felt just so real. He always can tell when I have those dreams cause my whole attitude and body language changes. I hate those dreams because it makes me the most emotional and full of rage.
I just tend to, most of the time, have bad and scary dreams. Not that I want to. Just seems to always work out that way.


  1. Interesting stuff..have you ever tried to figure out what your dreams mean? you seem to have a pattern there when you were young. I hate those dreams about my hubby cheating, I woke up one morning,half asleep and punched him in the chest. He was still sleeping at the time! I can laugh now, but I was SO PISSED when I woke up 'cause I thought it was real.

  2. WOW! I don't think I've had reoccurring dreams to that extent or even graduated to more intense things. I have always been curious about waking up and wondered if the person I dreamed about dreamed the same fucking dream! That is pretty damn freaky! WOW! Good shit...not the details of the dream, but knowing that it has happened blows my fucking mind. Xx!