♥ A Hurricane's A Brewin' ♥

Well, we are officially in the outer bands and the first of Hurricane Irene. Oh, the joys of living near the Atlantic. We always have storms firing up. This one was projected to hit us, then veered away, and now back on course to slide right by us, causing lots of wind and rain. So we won't be getting attacked by the eye, but will be feeling the wrath none the less.

I live a little more in the Central Florida area, so we will probably just get the wind and rain. But I work out by the shoreline and so I'm hoping *fingers crossed* no work tomorrow. They already have all the warnings up and so it will be really unsafe and just hard and frustrating to drive in that crap. Yes, I have done it in the past and it wasn't fun. So I'm all prepared to call in, in the morning and I'm hoping I get to.

I have mapped out my home and then my job location. I work a lot closer to the ocean then where I live. So driving up there will have to take a lot tomorrow if it doesn’t look good outside.


Irene, Bring It On Bitch! I know we won't be getting hardly anything compared to what the rest of the east coast will be getting, but we are getting the first of it.....so its still sucky no matter what. On the news, they are talking about be prepared tomorrow for power outages and floods. So we have been warned.

So we just have to keep a watch out this evening to see where this little lady is going and what she is going to bring! I still say Bring It!

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