Day 28 – What Song Would You Like Played At Your Funeral?

Of course, I had to pick something not everyone is going to know or even ever heard of. But thats ok. Its not crazy to be different.

As some of you may know, I'm a huge classical music fan. It has been one of the loves of my life since I was a baby. From Mozart (my greatest inspiration) to Beethoven, Bach, and so many more.

And being a pianist myself, hearing a masterpiece can really make you shed a tear.

In this case, my choice for day 28's post comes from a contemporary composer. I can tell not tell you how inspiraed I have been by this man espeically as a teenager. I could not stop listening to his music.

So I would want this song played at my funeral.

George Winston's Variations of the Canon (Kanon) in C (remade from Johann Pachelbel's original piece)



  1. What a morbid thought! I don't want to think about my funeral, but that is a nice song.

  2. hi rebeccaFound you from the blog hop! love your blog title! would love a follow back :0)laura