Day 27 – What Song Would You Like Played At Your Wedding/Union?

Well, this has come and gone for me. I can no longer say what song I would like played at my wedding but what song did I play at my wedding. And my wedding wasn't the typical one with a dance. We got married in a butterfly garden but no dancing afterwards. We didn't have dancing so the songs playing during the ceremony were the important ones. The ones I had to have and want to always remember at my wedding forever and ever since we don't have "a first dance" song or "our song" to talk about. We had a friend of ours play it solo on his guitar. No vocals, just melody and it sounded so beautiful.

So I chose two songs that were to be played that meant so much to me. The first song was:

Bryan Adams' Everything I Do {I Do It For You}


This was the song I had my Maid or Honor and Bridesmaid and Flower Girl walk down the aisle to. They all three walked down together with this song quietly strumming on a guitar through the breeze of the wind slowly blowing. This song was my favorite song growing up as a little girl. I was completely in love with it from Robin Hood.

And then the song I had my friend play for when I walked down the aisle and all during the ceremony was:

Nsync's God Must Have Spent {A Little More Time On You}


I chose this dong because I have been such a huge fan of Nsync as far back as when no one even knew who they were. I wanted a song by them played at my wedding and I used to play this song on the piano all the time and I think the lyrics are perfect for expressing how you feel about someone you really care about. So this was the pick.

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  1. I have no idea what song I will play at my wedding. I forgot that Nsync song, but it's a good one. Whit and I have been bustin 90s and early 00s this weekend! It's been a blast reminiscing.