Day 25 – What Song Reminds You Of A Happy Moment In Your Life?

Ok, well, since I'm not the most happiest person in the world and haven't really ever been {thanks to my personality} this one came as a bit more harder to come up with. But the first one to pop in my head is this particular song:

Juvenile's Slow Motion


And that's because even though I was still a bit depressed at this time, I had two guys trying to fight over my, maybe not like that. But I had finally gotten over my ex-boyfriend and he had started to try and win me back after I left and moved away to college after we broke up. And then the current love interest I had {which is now my husband}. And this song reminds me of the time when I felt beautiful, confident and sexy for really the first time in my life. I remember just dancing to this song and feeling on top of the world and as if this song was being sung about how awesome I was! Totally lame, but hey, I was young and in college.

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