Day 24 – What Song Reminds You Of A Place?

A song that reminds me of a place huh? Hmmmm..... this is a bit of a hard one. I think you all are going to kill me for posting this one but its the first thing that comes to mind. Not that I am a fan of this song in any way, shape or form but it was the question asked.

So back in Jr High School, me and my friends would go to this place called Good Time Country. Yes, yes, I know.... gross, right? I hate country music. Never liked it but it was like the only club/bar/ fun thing to do if you were under the age of 16. And so we would go and dance and hang out with friends. But they would every now and again, play something I liked dancing to. Like a few R&B songs and what not. But when this particular song was popular, it was played there a lot and I just remember wanting to go to this place just to dance to this song.

Los del Rio's Macarena


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