Are You As Bad As Her?

Well, are you? Alice in Resident Evil is the baddest bitch I can think of. I love her. This is my favorite movie of all freakin time! I’m such a huge fan of this… you have no idea. I have this movie memorized. I only wish I was as bad as Alice. She kicks so much ass it blows my mind.Resident-Evil

This girl has got it all. This was an amazing movie. Part one is the best. Hands down, no one kicks more ass then Milla or Michelle in this one. Part two is really good two. I’m so disappointed with part three and four. Not up to par as the other two were.

How can you not love a good zombie ass kicking? We all need that power. Wish it were my super power….. well, I would be able to kick more then just zombie ass.

This movie always puts me in a good mood. Its like my “happy pill” movie.Resident_evil_alice I feel so powerful watching this for some reason. I could live the rest of my life watching this and only this and be happy. These are my two favorite girls kicking the most ass I’ve seen anyone kick in a zombie film that made me want to jump right in there with them. You go girls! Kick that zombie butt and next time, let me take a turn.


  1. I have never seen this movie. Isn't that crazy!

  2. That is crazy. Aggggghhhh Jenna.... I will make you watch its super good if you are fan of the game