The Verdict Is In

The entire nation watched today as the biggest trial of this decade took place with the final verdict of Casey Anthony's fate. As most of you know, the Anthony family, the trial, and myself are all in Orlando, FL.

So while most of the country has only heard of this for a few months now, I have been hearing about it non-stop for 3 years when Caylee was first reported missing back in the summer of 2008. We had posters and missing child reports everywhere. Her body was found in December of 2008 right around the corner from where I lived.

We drove by the Anthony's neighborhood all the time and it has been a circus since then. Now that the nation got involved with the trial, it was been chaotic over here in the downtown area by the courthouse where Casey Anthony was everyday.

I can't tell you how crazy it has been living in the same city as this craziness. The verdict has decided that Casey is not guilty of any charges involving the murder of her daughter nor any child abuse that may have been brought upon her daughter. The only thing she is guilty of is for lying to a police officer on four accounts which would leave her to have a maximum sentence of four years in jail.

However, everyone is saying because she has already served three years, she will only be told she has to have one more year in jail then off free. I have no idea how the family will survive. I believe the parents will get a divorce and hopefully move away. But no matter if they stay here or go somewhere else, they will be brought a huge punishment of outcasts and outsiders from the public. Maybe even death threats.

The jury could not find her guilty because there was no hard evidence to prove she did do it. No fingerprints, hair strands, nothing. I really wish they would do DNA testing on Caylee's body but they say they can't because the body is horribly decomposed. But if they can do it on 4000 year old mummies, I don't see why they can't do it on her body. I'm still curious if Casey's dad also fathered Caylee as they say.

I honestly do not believe Casey murdered her child. I do believe she is guilty of child neglect because she has said before how she didn't want to be a mom and I believe she knows exactly what happened to her child. I honestly believe her dad had something to do with the murder of Caylee and even though her dad is the scum of the earth for throwing his whole family under the bus and a sexual abuser and liar, she seems to be keeping the truth about what she knows from everyone. I think her dad wanted her to take the blame and be guilty for his actions. Since he is an ex-cop, he knows the ins and outs and I think he knew how to commit murder and cover it up right

But I am glad it is over and done with and I hope someone will come forward and tell us who did this to Caylee and until then, a little innocent girl's murder remains a mystery. The entire office at work listened to the verdict and we were all in shock. I thought they would find her guilty. I think the whole nation thought so too. I really didn't think they would spill out "not guilty" at all in their verdicts to anything. Its a shame and such a beautiful life was lost in all this stupidness.

I work with someone who says they know the Anthony's and they are the most messed up family you will ever meet. After hearing about the trial and all the lies, I don't doubt it. Especially the dad. He is creepy and I think he needs to be burned at the stake. They can really never show their face to the public ever again.


  1. Preach! lol I totally agree with you. I don't think she did it, and do think the dad did. But I think she should have to serve some HARD time

  2. The whole Anthony case is crazy! Your post sums up so much of what everyone is feeling & thinking. Let's just pray someone comes forth with the truth.

  3. I feel like I'm crucifying myself for saying this but that jury did the right thing. Without enough evidence a guilty verdict simply can not be upheld. I can only know in my heart the kind of treatment this whole family will receive after this life. We all pay for our mistakes. Big and small. Thanks for your take - it's nice to hear from someone who is geographically involved.

  4. I didn't find out about this until a few weeks ago. The fact that her little life was taken is horrible. I understand that her mother was said to be not guilty. I think that who ever did this to Caylee will pay at the gates. They didn't get away with it. They will one day be judged and justice will be served.