★Shit I Hate Sunday★

Once again, Destiny throws her blog hop our way and asks us to let it all out! And I plan to do that exactly this week.

Shit I Hate....when you are someone's friend but they start acting like you are the backup friend and lie to your face and then ask for advice when the topic they are asking about is false because they aren't telling you the truth. Just just want to act stupid and make up shit in your face to get attention. That's not cool. Regardless if I do not like your decisions, be real with me and I will respect you no matter what. The lying BS has gotta go. I'm too old for HS games now.

Shit I Hate....when people are such a f*ing bad-ass on the internet but you know they are pretty much a pussy in real life. I know I have a hard time standing up for myself or telling it how it is, but I don't get all hard core and try to bully people on the internet because it makes me feel strong. Or how they not only try to start a fight with you, but also they start that crap that they are better then you. In my particular case, this girl (who does not know me one single bit and I have never met her before) comes out and starts calling me a liar. Grow the *beep beep* up and stop acting like you know me or you are better then me with your fat ass. Cause you know you're not. You just get a power trip cause you can't do it in real life.


Shit I Hate....that my husband hasn't been able to get a job. Its so f*ing stressful on the both of us. And we both hate it. I have taken on two full time jobs to try and survive but its still doesn't cut it. I still have to ask my mommy and daddy for money all the time and I hate it. I wish these companies would give him a chance. He's so talented and good and what he does and yet, we get bites and then turned down. Its the main thing we fight about and I hate it. Its gotta get and he really can't wait to get something. Its just been taking forever.

Shit I Hate....the fact I haven't been able to get to bed before 1:30am everyday. It sucks cause then I only get a few hours of sleep and then have to get up and get to work. I feel groggy, exhausted, headaches, and feel like I have to throw up every morning I'm over tired. My body seems to stay up and I hate it.

Shit I Hate....that we can't seem to unpack our crap to find anything we need. I hate having a small apartment with twenty thousand boxes and totes of crap. How did we accumulate all this stuff. And no where to put it at all. So it has sat in boxes for years and years. We never unpack because we move every year so I don't see the point to unpacking if it has to all be packed back up again. I can't wait til we can afford a house. I haven't seen a lot of my stuff since college.

Shit I Hate....the fact that certain people in the work place can get away with everything and if you do one ting wrong or bend the rules a bit, you get completely chewed out. But somehow, you care getting more work done and complete then anyone else and yet you are still the bad guy and the one they beat around first. I hate that shit so much. Makes me wish I could shoot people sometimes.

Shit I Hate....the fact that I reformatted my old computer for my daughter to play with and now I don't have the drivers cd (in a box somewhere) and can't get them loaded to install everything so she can play on it. That was an oopsie on my part. I got Windows re-installed just the damn drivers and when I go online to get them, its not letting me download them for some reason. I'm so hating technology this week. I gotta call my dad and ask him if he can send them to me.

Shit I Hate....that I'm too stressed out of a person. I need to start drinking or something to chill out and be less moody. I let everything get to me and then start going on these frantic attacks and flipping out my anger on everyone (mainly my husband) cause I'm so stressed out. I need a good stress reliever.

Shit I Hate....that I got my electric bill and its $567 for this month. That f*ing bites. I don't' see how or why but I hate that crap. Our air conditioner isn't doing a good job and seems like it isn't new like the apartment management told us when we moved in. Wish I could spew that out of my ass and shit on them their $567. I need to start using my own man made electricity..lol...that'll show them

Anyway, I'm sure I could find so much other BS to bitch and complain about. My husband tells me complaining is what I do best. Not a great quality to have but like I said, I let too many things bother and get to me. And they shouldn't.

If you have anything to bitch and complain about, stop by Destiny's blog by clicking on the button at the beginning to let it all out.


  1. Sounds like you could use a beer or 12. Good luck, I hope things get better for you

  2. Oh I know, right? I think I just need some injected into my blood stream. Make the craziness go away quicker..lol

  3. Wow!! I can relate to the so called internet thugs, nothing but scared little pussy cats wearing retainers behind the screen. $567 for a bill wow honey, I would call that company and say we gotta make some changes b/c there is no way in hell! I have severe insomnia so I understand how you feel in the morning. If you need to vent Im here just look me up and I'm ready to listen

  4. Thanks Kat.... I appreciate that. Its always nice to have someone to bitch and they understand. Normally our electric bill is around $300 but almost $600.... you gotta be shitting me.

  5. Yeah I agree, maybe some fucking jeager! I'd be seriously losing my hair hookerrr! *hugs*

  6. I feel better just reading this. Like, WHEW, you let it all out for yourself and THEN some! :)