Pink Technology

There isn’t words to describe how awesome today was. Today was the day my brand new PINK computer arrived! My daddy was so awesome and bought it for me. {not my hubby but my daddy} I’m so completely stoked.


My dad is a technology freak. Anything that has to do with computers, I can get him to buy for me. My daddy and mommy love me! They knew it was time for me to upgrade my old laptop. At the time I got it {2005} it was the top of the line and could run so much and hold so much. Now, that’s not the case.

Most days I wanted to throw it out the window because after I installed Windows 7 on there, it did not like it. And I love Windows 7 so I put up with it. It would crash, lock up non-stop on me and I couldn’t play my Sims anymore nor do a lot of my artwork because of the memory issues. The screen was popping off of it. It was time to get a new one.computertwo

So of course, my dad loves buying computer stuff so I looked at what I wanted and I think this new one will be able to hold up all my Adobe Creative Suite programs as well as play all my Sims games and not lock up on me or crash.

So I'm completely 100% absolutely happy right now! I love playing on my new computer and all the awesome features this has to offer. Its so up to date and so many brand new features. I love it. Its my super computer and its all mine!!!!


  1. SWEET! I love the fact it's pink. My laptop is pink too. hehe

  2. KEWL! Love when daddy's buy their daughters sutff AFTER they've grown up and got married!!