My Fourth of July

Alright, so I know this is like forever and a half late. I have been meaning to write this sooner but I really wanted to share…so better late then never, right? I wanted to share how I spent my Fourth of July this year because it was the first time in a while we all had a blast as a family just staying home and doing something fun.

So we made Red/White/Blue cupcakes. It was totally fun. Now I hate cooking with a passion. But have a passion for baking. Weird huh? I love to bake and would so love to work in a cake shop. I love baking from scratch but this time around, we went with box mix to make it easier.



baked and donecupcakes baked

decoratingDecorated and Finished

And ta-da! We have Red/White/Blue cupcakes. Natalya loved decorating her own and helping out mommy and daddy mix them all up. She got so excited by them. I think they turned out cute for what they were. And then to top off the evening, Natalya got to do sparklers for the first time in her life. She loved it. A little scared at first but then got so into it and all excited. I was excited for her.