★10 Days Of Bullshit:★ Day 6

★Day 06- Who or what is your inspiration, and why?

Of course, so many things people draw their inspiration from. Its very hard to always pinpoint one exact person or thing when asked this question.

In my entire existence here on earth (29 years to be exact), I have always gotten my inspiration from art. Since I was two years old, a lady told my mother I was going to grow up to be an artist one day and since that day, nothing has stopped me from thinking otherwise. I live for the preforming arts as well as the visual arts.

I had the hardest time deciding which type of art I wanted to pursue in college. Did I want to take the musical route and continue perfecting my pianist skills which I also spent years teaching? Or was I going to go with being a visual artist instead? I choose visual arts thinking I was going to a fine artist. Instead, I ended up becoming an illustrator.

But the fact is I am an artist. A professional one at that. I have been self taught as well as spent years at a refined art school to perfect my craft. And now, living and working as an artist. Doing my dream! Art is me and I am it. It is my inspiration. I find everything beautiful and go with it. I create art with meaning, feeling, capturing moments, and for commercial purposes that are not related to anything emotional.

I have been inspired by many artists to be who I am today. Art is in my blood and I could never be anything other then that. I draw my inspiration from artists. However, if you were to ask me my top choices of who I am inspired from the most, the list would be this:

Edgar Degas
His ballerinas are some of the most beautiful pieces I have seen. I'm addicted to his use of color and brush strokes. I am in love with Impressionism. I took his ballerina paintings and turned myself into one in a self portrait I did now hanging in my parents hallway. I became one of the beautiful girls getting ready to preform on stage. Just like in his works of art.

Claude Monet
Pretty much the father of Impressionism. He changed my life with his works of Waterlilies to his beautiful landscapes. He is the master of brush strokes and the original beautiful nature has to offer. Monet did so much to bring the viewer into his own world with color.

George Winston
This man is not as known as I feel he should be. I cannot express the talent this man has. He is my favorite contemporary pianist. By far, hands down, the greatest of our time. I can tell you the moment I received my first George Winston cd from my grandmother titled "December" it changed my life completely. To this day, I still listen to this cd full and over and over again.
George Winston makes me cry listening to him play the piano and I have wanted so bad to be as amazing as him. Playing trying to be like him. My piano teacher back in high school hated his name being said. She thought he was a selfish pianist because he wouldn't share his sheet music with the world. No one can play his songs because he won't allow it but some reason, that drew me closer into being more inspired by him. In the music world, he is a god. Literally, he is better then anyone else in his eyes to not think people could play as well as him so why give them a chance. But if you listen to "December" it is so phenomenal. He inspires me so much and all from one cd long ago I became hooked.


  1. December is now in my Amazon cart.

  2. Good choices, I took an art appreciation class and really enjoyed it. I can't wait until I'm done with school and I can start going to our local art hop again.