★10 Days Of Bullshit:★ Day 10

Did you miss me? I know, I've been away I think for a week and a half or two weeks I think? I've been so super busy, I've only been able to social network (if any) through my phone and not so much the computer.

Been super busy at work and then really busy in the evenings with my freelance job and then of course, trying to be mommy and clean up the freakin crazy messes hubby makes all day at the house. Drives me insane most of the time.

I got a new computer and so I have been able to catch up and play my Sims. The first time in like a year I have gotten on to do that. I forgot how addicting it can be. My daughter won't stop playing it on her laptop (my old one and she's only 4 and highly addicted) I love the Sims. My Sim is pretty much a skank and sleeps with everyone and just has babies by random men. Its hilarious. Then if she pisses me off, I delete all the doors in the room, make her piss all over herself and start the place on fire. That will teach that slut, right? LOL I know, I'm terrible but it amuses me.

Anyway, I haven't been on to finish the final day of Rockin Mama's 10 Day Challenge. Even though I'm super late, I still wanted to finish this one. So the challenge is for the final day to write a letter to yourself at 16 years old. So here is goes:

Dear Rebecca;
Funny being called that huh? Just a year ago you were still having people call you Becky. You're growing up now and think you know it all. In fact, you are one amazing girl. You love school and love to be the teachers pet. Most people can't stand that but thats ok. You like getting good grades and impressing your teachers and classmates with your 45 page essay that was required to only write 2 paragraphs.

A picture of me when I was 16 years old

But you are a good kid. You don't go out and you don't have many friends... its ok. But here is some advice. The main thing I can tell you is..... Stop being afraid of yourself and others. You loose your entire teenage years being so scared of people that you give yourself anxiety attacks constantly and the fact you can't even walk down the hallways at school by yourself is something you really need to face and stop doing to you. You are very beautiful. You may not think it. I know you think you are fat and completely ugly and no one would ever like you. But the truth is, you are so very wrong. You should start gaining confidence because it really takes an effect on you and you loose who you are. Don't be scared to be in public. Its ok.

You are so motivated at 16 to be a pianist and an artist. You work so hard in high school on your artwork. But when you get to college and start becoming more of you and less of who you are afraid of, you loose that and stop trying so hard in school and become more into boys because you never were in HS. Make sure you try and work a lot harder in college. It will pay off even more then you realize. You one day will make everyone around you very proud.

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