★10 Days Of Bullshit Challenge★ Day2

So today, Destiny asks everyone
★Day 02- How was your first experience drinking alcohol?

So I don't think mine will be quite as entertaining as some others, but none the less, I will share.

I always get looks when I tell people how old I was the first time I really had a drink. Most of my friends had already partied so much when we were in Jr HS and as teenagers that when I started, it was already boring to them.
The first time I had a drink I was 19 years old. And was out with my boyfriend at the time (which also happened to be my first boyfriend as well. Yes, 19 was the age I did many of my "firsts ever" since I finally could. The list is quite long).
We went with a few of our other friends after work (we all worked together) and went to this bar & grill called Chicago Bar. They were all 21 so it didn't matter but I wanted to bad to be "cool" and so we all walked in and sat and everyone ordered a drink. Me, not ever having one, I didn't know what was what so I just had them order me something.
That something turned out to be a Long Island Iced Tea. After only a few sips, I got completely wasted. By the time I drank half of it.... I was on the verge of going to jail...lol.

I was so loud, laughing hard, talking with no sense what-so-ever. I just remember them telling me to try to behave because they didn't want to get kicked out of there for having a minor drinking. I remember also going to the bathroom in the place and falling all over. I seemed to somehow bash my face into the sink and fall completely backwards laughing my ass off.
I then remember also I kept falling out of my chair at the table as well. After about an hour I think, they all decided it was time to leave. Of course, I couldn't drive so naturally, we had to leave my car in the parking lot and my boyfriend took me to Steak N Shake to get me some food and water to try and get me a little more sober.

After this night, I thought it was the best night of my life, but they weren't too happy with my behavior because anytime they were having a drink, they didn't want me to come around. So I really didn't have another drink til I moved away to college that fall.


  1. aww, funny, but dang they could at least have "helped" you with some tips on how much to drink or something.

  2. haha you sound like me last year LOL

  3. ahaha, yeah funny experience. bastards should have been more attentive instead of worrying about getting caught!