★10 Days Of Bullshit Challenge★ Day2 - xoxo Rebecca

★10 Days Of Bullshit Challenge★ Day2

So today, Destiny asks everyone
★Day 02- How was your first experience drinking alcohol?

So I don't think mine will be quite as entertaining as some others, but none the less, I will share.

I always get looks when I tell people how old I was the first time I really had a drink. Most of my friends had already partied so much when we were in Jr HS and as teenagers that when I started, it was already boring to them.
The first time I had a drink I was 19 years old. And was out with my boyfriend at the time (which also happened to be my first boyfriend as well. Yes, 19 was the age I did many of my "firsts ever" since I finally could. The list is quite long).
We went with a few of our other friends after work (we all worked together) and went to this bar & grill called Chicago Bar. They were all 21 so it didn't matter but I wanted to bad to be "cool" and so we all walked in and sat and everyone ordered a drink. Me, not ever having one, I didn't know what was what so I just had them order me something.
That something turned out to be a Long Island Iced Tea. After only a few sips, I got completely wasted. By the time I drank half of it.... I was on the verge of going to jail...lol.

I was so loud, laughing hard, talking with no sense what-so-ever. I just remember them telling me to try to behave because they didn't want to get kicked out of there for having a minor drinking. I remember also going to the bathroom in the place and falling all over. I seemed to somehow bash my face into the sink and fall completely backwards laughing my ass off.
I then remember also I kept falling out of my chair at the table as well. After about an hour I think, they all decided it was time to leave. Of course, I couldn't drive so naturally, we had to leave my car in the parking lot and my boyfriend took me to Steak N Shake to get me some food and water to try and get me a little more sober.

After this night, I thought it was the best night of my life, but they weren't too happy with my behavior because anytime they were having a drink, they didn't want me to come around. So I really didn't have another drink til I moved away to college that fall.