★10 Days Of Bullshit Challenge★ Day1

Head over to Rockin' Momma and check out her new blog hop challenge. Its so much fun to go through everyone's link so far. I'm loving this girl and all her fun stuff she puts up here to keep us entertained. Destiny is like my new blogging friend that I never had...lol. Luv ya hooker.

So here is the list for the ten days:

★Day 01- A recent photo of you with a funny caption.
★Day 02- How was your first experience drinking alcohol?
★Day 03- An experience you're not proud of, but has made you the person you are today.
★Day 04- What do you lie about the most?
★Day 05- Finish this sentence. If I could change one thing about myself it would be___________.
★Day 06- Who or what is your inspiration, and why?
★Day 07- What is the difference between love and lust?
★Day 08- Has a person of the same sex made a pass at you, and what was your reaction?
★Day 09- If your life was made into a movie what would the title be and who would you cast to play you?
★Day 10- Write a letter to you at 16 years old.


Since today is the first day, its all about the photo and caption. So here is mine:

Yes, I am in my pajamas and no makeup on (just some mascara from earlier today). I took this photo tonight.

As far as my funny photo caption, I sat here and tried to think of something. My husband came in the room and stood behind and me and asked why I look like a freakin deer in headlights. I am not a deer in headlights. I just tried to look cute. That's all. So that is my funny caption. Apparently, I look freaky in this picture. Oh well. I was getting ready for bed and we all can't be as beautiful as him {hubby} when in our PJs now so psssttt to him.


  1. that sounds so much like what my hubby would say...I think you look cute!

  2. I concur -- sounds like something my hunny would say -- personally, I think ya look hella cute!

  3. Hi Im a new follower from the ukLoved your daily challenge idea think i will give it a go.Putting your button on my blog.Please pop over and visit me anytimewww.jollyjillys.blogspot.com

  4. you're a sexy whore bag! husbands can be assholes lol