Wedding Sunday

So, of course, Sundays are always the day WEtv has all their wedding shows and I’m highly addicted to them all. Sitting here watching Amazing Wedding cakes and just love it. I’m a sucker for this show {and Bridezilla-horrible addicted to this one}

So I’m in a wedding cake mood and thought I would just share a few I have seen that I thought were very unique and beautiful.

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And when I got married, this was the cake we brought in as a reference to have our wedding cake modeled after. Of course, it had our initials on it which was RHR and the cake was ivory with the piping initials in black.


So what kind of cake did you go with for your wedding? What colors & decorations did you use on your cake?


  1. no cake for us, I'm not one to waste money to feed others. ha

  2. We had a very small wedding and no fancy cake. My mom actually made mine and it was just a regular cake. :)

  3. No wedding so no wedding cake....I think that was the ONLY thing I missed out on...,screw the reception and walking down the aisle...I want CAKE!!! LOLThose are all pretty!

  4. Wow those cakes are amazing and I'm not craving cake! Yum!I found your blog through Super Stalker Sunday! I LOVE your layout! Too cute!!We'd love for you to come check out our blog and follow!