Saturday Night Photos

Well, its Saturday, and yes, it is after midnight now so I guess it would technically be Sunday. But I’m sitting here, watching TV and blogging…. FUN!

I got bored and decided to edit some photos I took today while over at the pool. So here they are for your enjoyment! Have fun looking

        tree1 treemerge



       pool1 poolMerge


Yea for Saturday nights watching TV after the child has fallen asleep and needing something creative to do without starting something big cause I’m getting a bit sleepy now. But yea!


  1. Hahaha......this is soooooo ME! I'm doing the exact same thing (blogging and watching tv).And now its after midnight...I really need to get to sleep soon. Just wanted to say HELLO and that you're not the only midnight blogger.And I love your pool.....looks awesome!

  2. ME too! Just out of curiosity what are you using to edit your pics? I use picasa and I'm not thrilled.

  3. I really like the second photo!