Red Riding Hood Takes The Day Off - xoxo Rebecca

Red Riding Hood Takes The Day Off


So today I wasn’t feeling so hot. It started last night and just won’t stop. Migraines and nausea. Its not fun. So I took a day off of work and still don’t feel any better after spending the entire day laying down watching TV. I think it has to do mostly with the fact I’m exhausted {although for some reason I couldn’t get a nap in for anything. I hurt to much to be able to fall asleep} and the weather. The weather is nasty hot, humid, and now just started on and off raining. Welcome to Florida, right?

So I decided to watch Red Riding Hood. I have been anxiously waiting to see this movie. Since I can no longer go see movies in the theaters anymore for two reasons:

1- Hubby does not believe in babysitters. If the child can’t go, we don’t go. Sometimes I wish we could have a babysitter to have some alone time but absolutely we have never had a babysitter in the 4 years this girl has been alive. And you can’t take a 4 year old to movies like this or any other movies I have any interest in since I only want to see scary movies. Its not really the cost for a sitter, but that he has such hard trust issues. He does not believe in leaving our child with anyone at all. So that makes it hard. He refuses to have someone watch her cause he just can't do it. He trusts no one.

2- The cost for the three of us {me, hubby, and child} is now $41 to see a movie in the theater. Its crazy. Last time we went to the movies was to see Toy Story 3 with her and we spent $41 on the 3 tickets and then another $29 on food and drinks {which by the way, we hardly got anything at all when one drink is $9 and popcorn is about $12, it adds up fast} So we don’t get to go out to the movies much.

So anyway, back to my point.. I had been long awaiting to see this movie since I love the twisted fairytale movies. BTW, my fav one still remains Snow White: A Tale of Terror with Sam Neil and Sigourney Weaver… remember that one? Still in love with it.

Anyway, so I decided today was the perfect day to watch it since I couldn’t do anything else. So I popped it in and watched with excitement. Sadly, I was a little disappointed in it. I thought it should have been a bit better. I liked the movie overall. I really thought it was so much like The Village in a lot of ways. Even down to the boy who was “special”. But in fact, he was my first choice on who the wolf was. I’m always wrong in guessing the identity of the killer in movies. This was one of those times.

Red Riding Hood was good for what it was. I just wish they would really go all out with these kinds of movies. Like, super raw, to the bone, hard core real life stuff…. but they don’t seem to. Its still “fairytale-ish”. Like the wolf looked like a joke. Way too much CG was put into him. I would say I thought the movie was pretty good for what it was but sadly, I don’t think I would watch it again nor buy it. And I hate that feeling on movies I really had been wanting to see.