It’s Me From My Phone! - xoxo Rebecca

It’s Me From My Phone!

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me and natty









I was playing around with my phone and took these two pictures just because. Hair up and hair down. The one on the left was from yesterday and the one on the right was from tonight. My daughter loves when we get our picture taken together. Sadly, I don’t have many since I hate the way I look in photos but this one turned out decent. She of course, always takes a good photo while, I feel I have to take 1000 shots to just get one that doesn’t make me feel ugly.

So just playing around and decided to post a more recent picture of me. So there ya go! I’m thinking about getting rid of the blonde and dying my hair back to a dark chocolate color again. I think I look better as a brunette. I’ve been wanting to, just haven’t gotten around to picking up the dye yet. One of these days, right? I’m notorious for changing my hair color more then I shave my legs!