Captured Photo Hop {nail polish}

Ok, so can we say I’m really really getting into the photo blog hops?

I hope you guys don’t mind me posting all these photos and not real posts. Lately, I’m so busy, I never feel like what I have to write about would even be cared by anyone to read. Although, I do have lots on my mind I guess I should write about regardless.

So I just found this one and its all about the black & white photos. I love that!

polish b&w


  1. i really like your photos on here!! SOOOOOO much better than what i could ever even dream of doing!! =) good for follower from the say hi hop....can't wait to see more photos from you!

  2. I like the Sepia colored photo--it does look loke it should belong in the Wizard of Oz!!I am your new follower!!Michele aka

  3. start up an online photo album!!

  4. Thanx everyone! :) And Jill, you know I thought about making another blog with just all these but I really just want to worry about one. So depends on if I want to really make one or not. But it is an idea