Baby Names {w/linky}

So, deciding on the name of a child will be one of the biggest things you will do during pregnancy. A child’s name will be with them and define them for the rest of their life. Of course, we all have heard the baby name horrors. Names you would swear you would slap someone if you were their kid.

But most people have a reason for naming a child what they did. And some people don’t. But there is almost a story behind the meaning. And those are fun to share. So why not tell your story?

This post and linky is about you sharing your stories on how you got your name and why you named your child what you did.



I was the first born out of myself and my brother. My parents chose the name Rebecca for me for two reasons. The first reason was because my mom said that every girl when she was in high school that was pretty and smart was named Rebecca and she thought by naming me that, I would be the same. Beauty & Brains.51FDDQ66HZL

The second reason I was named Rebecca was because my mom is obsessed with books, novels, and stories. She loved Mark Twain and wanted to name me after Rebecca Thatcher. And of course, would call me Becky {even to this day}. After my brother was born, my parents thought that because they had a Becky, they needed a Tom {naturally} so they named my brother Thomas. So now she had her Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher and that’s how we got our names. Named after two fictional characters.


My daughter’s name is Natalya and she was named after a video game character. Yes, yes indeed. I was one of those parents that put technology into their child’s name. Natalya was the female in the video game James Bond: GoldenEye for Nintendo64. This was my favorite game when I was in 10th grade. I used to sit and play it with my brother obsessively.

goldeneye64I always loved Natalya’s name in the game and since then, I was always keeping that name in the back of my mind. I started to become obsessed with European names. Especially Russian ones. So when I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I automatically started throwing up the names and had so many, I had a hard time choosing.

Besides Natalya, I also thought about Annelise, Nadja, Torrance, & Nadine. Then it came down to Natalya Elise or Torrance Ann. And everyone told us that they liked Natalya Elise the best. So Natalya it was and it was official. I had named my daughter after a Nintendo64 character.

So now it’s your turn. Link up your posts below with the story of how you got your name and/or your child{ren}. This should be fun to read and share. Please link your stories and posts back to me.

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  1. Names were the hardest for us. Our firsts name was decided on, on the way to the hospital. Myles.Our second took a good 4-5 hours after birth to decide her name. Macy. Myles & Macy! :)New blog follower! Come follow back and enter my great giveaways!