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It’s Me From My Phone!

photo (7)_edit

me and natty









I was playing around with my phone and took these two pictures just because. Hair up and hair down. The one on the left was from yesterday and the one on the right was from tonight. My daughter loves when we get our picture taken together. Sadly, I don’t have many since I hate the way I look in photos but this one turned out decent. She of course, always takes a good photo while, I feel I have to take 1000 shots to just get one that doesn’t make me feel ugly.

So just playing around and decided to post a more recent picture of me. So there ya go! I’m thinking about getting rid of the blonde and dying my hair back to a dark chocolate color again. I think I look better as a brunette. I’ve been wanting to, just haven’t gotten around to picking up the dye yet. One of these days, right? I’m notorious for changing my hair color more then I shave my legs!

★Bleep In The Blank★

One of my fav bloggers {Rockin’ Momma} came up with something fun to do this evening. So why pass up to fill in the blanks, right? Here we go.

Here are the questions:

1. Sometimes when I am alone I ________________.

2. My zodiac sign is ________, that means I __________.

3. My drink of choice is _________, because it makes me ___________.

4. My favorite movie quote line is ______________, because______________.

5. My typical day is filled with ______,_________, and ___________.


Here are my answers!

1. Sometimes when I am alone I play my favorite songs and sing like I’m doing karaoke or on stage and am super famous.

2. My zodiac sign is Aries, that means I am very possessive and love is something I can’t share. I’m extremely jealous even at the slightest of suspicion.

3. My drink of choice is Dr. Pepper, because it makes me awesome!

4. My favorite movie quote line is All I want Santa Claus is two fat bitches and a bag of weed and two bags of chips to give to the fat bitches”, because I totally love Mike Epps as Day Day and he cracks me up saying this every time.

5. My typical day is filled with work, stress, and a decent paycheck at least in the end of the craziness I go through each day.


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That Friday Blog Hop {14}

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Children Love Balloons

It's funny just how children are in love with balloons. Watching my daughter play with one amazes me. She gets so excited and something in her eye just sparks. There is something so beautiful and magical about watching a child fall in love with the idea of playing with a balloon. Something so simple cause make them so happy.
She is so happy with a balloon in her hand. Oh, how wonderful it would be to just have that mindset again. Carefree and totally naive to anything wrong in the world and in life. All that matters is that you have that balloon and nothing else phases you. The rest of the world doesn't exist and it's just you as happy as can be. Can you imagine?

Take A Photo Tuesday {7}

For some of you, welcome back to Take A Photo Tuesday. And for others, welcome for the first time.


<a border="0" href="http://to-calm-insanity.blogspot.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v324/satinxoxo/blog%20buttons/takeaphototuesday.png" /></a>

The rules are very simple. Please upload a photo you have taken throughout the week and make a blog post about it with button above. Then link your post to the linky below and check out everyone's photos. It is so much easier to view when it’s directly linked with the theme of the challenge.
You can be the greatest photographer ever or just someone who likes to snap a photo every now and then. Doesn't matter if you are using your camera phone or a camera that cost a million dollars. All pictures are welcome. Just please make sure the photos are yours and not someone else's.

This is open every Monday evening and closes the following Sunday. So link up anytime during the week. I would love to see more photos added each week!

Here is the winner from last week’s challenge SHOES.

I honestly had two winners because I couldn’t decide. I liked two for different reasons. I asked my husband for help and he chose this one:


Rachel @ Because I Have To

I really love this photo because it brings a sense of “family” feel to it. Reminds me of when I was growing up and my dad’s boots were by the door all the time {except he was in the Army} but I really am loving the edit. Awesome photo.

And then I also chose this one:

Harajuku Love Tokyo Love

This one is from Jessie @ The Military Mommy

I chose this one because this shoe is seriously one of a kind. I have never seen a shoe like this and really love it. I would so rock this. I have never seen a shoe with a heart shaped heel before. Pretty awesome!







So congrats and grab your button for being this week’s winners! Its getting super hard to choose these! Everyone is doing a great job and I love seeing all the different photos every week.


<a border="0" href="http://to-calm-insanity.blogspot.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v324/satinxoxo/blog%20buttons/takeaphototuesdaywinner.png" /></a>

This week's theme is SOMETHING BLUE.
Here is mine:


My daughter is so into cars and so this was the prefect shade of blue for this weeks photo challenge.

So show me your blue pictures and link up below:

The News Is Entertaining

A friend of mine at work sent me an email with this in it titled ”You can’t make this stuff up”. And it is super funny. Some of these make you wonder how people are so dumb. Take a look for yourself and read themATT00010


★Shit I Hate Sunday★

Again, its another week from Rockin' Mama's Shit I Hate Sunday Blog Hop. Let it all out for this week and post it for the world to see. This is the only day of the week that my blog is not "Family Friendly"

Shit I Hate...Stay at home moms that constantly bitch and complain. Seriously? I know I may be getting a lot of dirty looks on this one but I'm so tired of listening to moms that have their kids in daycare all day and lay on the couch watching tv, on the computer whining about how they should be cleaning but are just too lazy to get up and how exhausting it is to be a stay at home mom with no kids around all day and then have babysitters on the weekends so they can go out. Seriously? Ugh, if they could do what I do just for one week, I'd really like to see if they would explode from all the stress of working 50 hours a week and still have to stay up til 1am every morning to get the housework done and then only 3 hours of sleep and back to work the next day for another 10 hours at a desk then coming home and having to be mommy and wife and then give up your entire weekends to clean and all the laundry that has been piling up. Boo hoo that you are just lazy freak-tards.

Shit I Hate...The look I am given when I tell people I actually work. The moms at my daughters school have jaw dropping mouths all wide open when I told a few that I work. One asked me "Like part-time?" I said no full time. She didn't understand the concept because they all have never worked and just have their kids in childcare so they don't have to worry about missing their manicure and hair appointments everyday and their tea time lunches at the country club.

Shit I Hate...How you constantly hear people say "they're just jealous of me"... now I'm not talking about like really jealous people. I'm talking about the people who say it constantly for attention because they hate themselves so much that's all they can say to make themselves feel better. No one cares you were at Kmart and someone looked at you funny and so you automatically throw out "They're just jealous".... its pretty annoying.

Shit I Hate...When you pay your bills at the beginning of the month and think everything is balanced and ok and then BAM!, a bill hits that you paid ages ago finally clears. Whats up with that? Stupid finances always mess everything up. Yes, i should balance a checkbook but don't. Who the crap writes down that kind of thing anymore anyway?

Shit I Hate...Old ass people who still think they are half their age and then some. I'm all for feeling young again but I can't stand when 48 year olds and up start talking about getting it on with 16 year olds and how sexy they are. Just stop, please! Your youth is over. Stop pretending you are a teenager again.

Shit I Hate...That the work week is 5 days long and weekend is only two. It should be the other way around. That would rule!

Shit I Hate...When you are looking forward to watching something on tv and it has been canceled because of the stupid Casey Anthony trial. Seriously, no one gives a damn anymore. The girl is crazy. Can we please stop having every freakin station at every single moment of the day covering the trial? We don't need it on 50 channels. One is fine, thank you.

Well, that is all I can think of right now. I'm sure I have tons more to complain about but this is pretty much been bugging me this week. Cheers!

SOOC Saturday {6-25-11}


I just stumbled upon Marvelous Mommy’s blog and found yet another great little photography linky to join up with. Its called “SOOC Saturday”. If you are not familiar with that SOOC is, it stands for “straight out of camera” I just learned that. I head seen it everywhere but was completely clueless. I’m excited that I finally know what that is… I know, I’m a little behind with this.

So here is my submission. I took this Friday with my iPhone after leaving work. I was in the parking lot and as you can see, a storm was brewing coming straight toward us. Luckily, I pretty much avoided it{for the most part} driving home.

SOOC Photo:

storm sooc

The before and after edit:

storm merge

My end result of editing the photo:

storm final

If you wanna join, the rules are simple, fun and easy. Just click on her button below to join in and link up

SOOC Saturday

Edit Me Photo Challenge-Week {5}

Another round of Edit Me Photo Challenge. Here is the original photo:


Here is my before and after look:

before after

And here is my final edit:


Want to participate? Its fun and easy. Click on the button below to go to her page to try a stab at your own edit

My Reflection of Something

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