I Was Featured

So blogger has been not friendly this week as so many of us know. But I wanted to share that I have been featured on two blogs this week. Crazy...two in one day. I'm loving that!

First, I have been featured on Michelle's very cool blog:

as the featured blogger in this weeks blog hop on her page.

She is a sweetheart and I'm so happy to have been featured this week for the blog hop going on for the weekend.
"Sit and Relax Weekend Hop"

Please check out her blog and her hop as well and leave her some love!

Second, I was also featured on Erin's oh-so-interesting blog:

My Beautiful Disaster

for my ghost story I submitted to her. Every Friday, she features one person for her "Folklore Friday" post. And this week was me.

Pretty exciting me for in the midst of Blogger chaos. Take some time to checkout both their pages by clicking on their buttons! Have a great weekend everyone


  1. hi, I'm following you Sit & Relax bloghop from heartfelt Balance. Oh, you have a very very beautiful blog. I hope you also give tutorials :Dhave a great day!Here's Mine: Diary Of The Forgotten Princess

  2. Congratulations! Well-deserved. :)