Day 9 – What Is The Earliest Song You Can Remember From Your Childhood?

Today is the ninth day of the 30 day music challenge. Today's song is the song you cna remember the earliest from your childhood.

Since I was born in the early eighties, the song I can remember the earliest was when I was two years old {back in 1984} and my mom had a Glen Frey record and I used to love one of the songs on there and used to listen to it non stop all the time, dancing in the living room. So my pick is:

Glen Frey's Sexy Girl


The song doesn't pick up in the video until after one minute but you can completely tell this is all early 80's. It looks so horrible. From the hair to the clothes to 80's videos

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  2. Hi, stopping in from the blog hop to give you a follow. Wow, I am really going to have to think on my earliest song memory. I remember a lot of songs my Granny sang to him as a little girl, I would sit and have her rock me and make up songs for hours.

  3. I love the design of your blog and your button is very cute! I'm pretty sure my earliest song would probably end up being something by the Grateful Day... I'll have to try and think about this one!I'm stopping back to "stalk" you from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Thanks for joining us this week! I hope you'll participate again next week and I hope you discover some great new blogs!Mariah, Formula Mom

  4. Hi stopping by from the blog hop! Love your blog!