Day 7 – What Song Do You Play When You're Chilling Out?

Today is the seventh day of the 30 day music challenge. {I've been slacking a bit}. So for today, the question is "What Song Do You Play When You're Chilling Out?"

My pick for this would have to be:

Wild Orchid's Stuttering


Before Fergie was Fergie, she was just Stacie Ferguson from Kids Incorporated. And in-between those times, she was in a group called Wild Orchid. I love them. This was one of my favorite songs. I used to lay out in the sun all day during the summer and have this blasting on the stereo. This was the song I chilled out to so much. This cd never left my side that year.

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  3. Sadly I don't know any songs right now because all I ever hear is Baby Einstein - haha! Thanks for stopping by the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop - I'm following your so cute blog now and can't wait to read more!Jeannette

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  5. I could almost feel the sun on my face and wind in my hair listening to this - summer can come any time now.