Damn Cat PMSing

My poor kitty is growing up and is now in heat. Yes. Oh my goodness…. this looks as though it will be very very bad. I’ve never had a female cat that wasn’t spayed before. I’ve always had male cats and they were all neutered.

Seven has been our first cat whom hasn’t ben fixed and now she is around 8.5 - 9 months old and just started acting super strange two days ago.

So I googled “is your cat in heat” and sure enough, what I read and saw in pictures, she is. Dammit. I don’t wanna go through a crazed PMS cat spraying everything. That scares both of us.

So now Seven is crazy. Everytime I go near her, she throws her butt in the air and does a “walking in place” type thing with her back legs and she keeps wanting me to scratch her all the time and pet her.

I tried to pick her up and she would normally roll up in a ball in my arms. Now, she is as stiff as a board and just strange and crazy. So now I have to go get her spayed. Damn cat and her hormones. I think we just need to get her a boyfriend..lol


  1. Oh that is a hoot! Never had to deal with that but I did live with dogs in heat in college and it is not fun.Hopping by from I <3 Blogging and I'm your newest follower. Stop by and check out my blog.http://www.theresagrisanti.com

  2. Wait till she starts meowing like a lunatic. When I had a cat that went into heat my oldest threatened to rip out her uterus himself because she was so annoying... that and all the stray male cats that magically wound up in our yard and meowed at the windows for DAYS!