Blog Hop Week7-Friday turned into the Weekend


That Friday Blog Hop is here again! Because Blogger was being such a pain this week, I'm posting this Saturday instead of Friday and this will just be a weekend hop instead. Sound good? So please send the word out and join my blog hop and tell your friends :) Post and share my button! That would rock!

So the rules apply as any other blog hop. Follow me & then leave a comment so I can follow you back if I'm not already following your fantastic blog! You may link up any of your social networks {facebook-twitter-blog-etc}. Just be sure to make it clear which is which when linking.
Have fun, be kind and rewind!
Let's get to hoppin'


  1. Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey thanks for the "weekend" blog hop! I'm glad to know I wasn't the only person losing my mind while Blogger was down!Sarah

  3. It is SO nice to have blogger back up and working again! Thanks for hosting :)Anya

  4. Thanks for hosting!! I've never linked up to the Friday hop so I'm glad I saw this...I'll be on the lookout next week too. :)I am linked up and I was already a follower. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting Rebecca!! Silly blogger chaos! Have a great weekend!