All About My Sunday

So Sunday was Mother's Day and I spent mine doing a little shopping and being with my family. I played around with my daughter and the iPhone snapping numerous photos of us being silly while waiting for the hubby to get dressed.

Then after getting my hair messed up snapping so many photos and moving around, I got a snap shot of me and my hubby. He's taller than me so it was a bit hard to reach the phone up to him to get a decent shot

So then we went to Best Buy and my daughter had to use the bathroom and so we went in there and WOW, Marilyn Monroe was plastered all over the place and on the cool pink walls! Best Buy's restrooms got my vote

Then we bought our very first 3D BluRay movie. We have been renting movies and video games in 3D but now finally officially own one after a month of owning a 3D TV (again, thank you Rooms To Go for the awesome 3D TV that we love)

I am such a Resident Evil nerd. I love these movies.... not so much the third one but the first one is my ultimate fav and two is right behind it. How couldn't you love a bad ass chick who fights zombies? Now that's some kick ass killing power right there# Loves It!!!!

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