Day 4 – What Song Do You Play When You’re Feeling Happy?

Today is the fourth day of the 30 day music challenge. Today's challenge is the song you play when you're feeling happy.

I would have to choose:
Bobby Brown Every Little Step


I LOVE Bobby Brown. Love his songs a lot. I listen to him all the time. And this song makes me feel nostalgia and just a feeling of summer and young and freedom. Always keeps the good mood strong when I hear it.

Funny tidbit - My sister-in-law posted some old school photos of them family from back in the day on her facebook page not too long ago and I saw all these photos I've never seen before and my husband back in high school had a Bobby Brown haircut and looked a lot like him too. It was totally priceless. So I now bug him and make fun of him calling him Bobby all the time He hates me for it... :)

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  1. That song was part of my childhood - love him and New Edition before he was solo...I am a new follower from follow me chickadee - totally coming back for the music and the fun!

  2. My pick: Valerie from Glee. It reinforces my happiness or lifts me up when I'm in a bit of a mood! Plus my little one loves to dance to it~we have our own little dance party :-)