And The Test Says...

Gosh, this is so frustrating. I have been having baby fever for two years now and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get pregnant. Why? I don't get it. Before, I seemed to be so fertile that it was insane. Our daughter was an oopsie and not planned nor any kind of good news at the time I took the test that read positive. But now I'm so glad she is in my life and my world. Don't get me wrong.

But we thought, wow, if we weren't trying at all for a baby and could get pregnant, how easy would it be to try this time around? Wrong! Two years and still nothing. I have been following the doctors orders about timing your cycle and all that stuff. Exercising and trying not to stress out about life.

Nothing. I'm ten days late, cramps, almost every time I brush my teeth I start to throw up. These were all symptoms when I was pregnant before that I had. So i went out and bought the digital test today and at work, took it. I was almost sure it would finally be "pregnant".

But nope. Still says we are not and I'm just getting more irritated cause I really really want to be. It seems like everyone I know is pregnant and keeps staying pregnant. I know 9 people at the moment all with their baby bellies ready to pop out their kids.

Arrrr.... I really was hoping it was going to say positive.


  1. I've been having baby fever too! I kinda want to wait a bit until my little man is a bit bigger, but it's hitting me hard...

  2. I say don't lose patience. It took the hubby and I three years before we had our first. It'll happen when nature wants it to. All you can do is relax and enjoy the fun of trying. LOL.

  3. I am so sorry, have you looked at different vitamins and stuff that can help? Maybe this is just a late implanter? Happens all the time! I hope you get your BFP soon.

  4. Mine was the opposite. We tried so hard for 2 years for our 1st baby. I cried for every negative test, and tested myself on a monthly basis for 6 months before I finally got pregnant. When my 2nd pregnancy happened, it's when we least expected it. We weren't even trying to get pregnant, but we didn't exactly prevent it.So hang in there. For most people maybe you included, usually it happens when you least expect it. Also sometimes, it's all on the timing ...And I second to the previous comment, "... relax and enjoy the fun of trying!"