Tomorrow is the most romantic day of the year!

I love Valentine's Day. It is so romantic and everyone is so in love. Makes you just feel so warm and fuzzy inside on Valentines Day!!!!!
Its gonna be a great day tomorrow.
I hate the fact I have to work all day but none the less, I will feel all warm and fuzzy :0) I love all the Valentine's Day stuff in the stores and seeing everyone get the cutest surprises at the office and at home. Makes me feel happy when love is in the air. We are planning on going out to dinner tomorrow night after we both get home from work. My wish would be for one Valentine's Day to go out, just the two of us, and have a romantic dinner. Just me and the hubby falling in love all over again.
Its hard when you drag a four year old to dinner. Lots of saying the word "No" and "Stop Doing That" and "Get Off The Floor". And my favorite, "If You Don't Stop, We Are Going Home!"
LOL....this is my life. Too bad we couldn't get one night off just to ourselves, but you know, you can't leave a child by themselves and when you have no one to look after them, your only choice is to take them along.
But I'm going to have a great Valentine's Day with my fmaily no matter what. My hubby and daughter are my world so I guess it's only right to spend the most loved filled day with the people you love the most!
One day, he promised me tonight, that we will be able to go out, just the two of us and finally spend some time alone and have a wonderful dinner and night out. Just like we used to back in the day before kids were in the picture.
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!!
I hope yours is special and full of love.


  1. I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day Rebecca!!!! :-)Much Love!

  2. I love valentine's day too! however for hubby and me, it became from being a romantic day to a work and family day. hubby had to work, I have to tend the family, the boys!I hope you'll have a lovely valentine dinner with your husband!