iConfess Wednesday week4

iConfess Wednesday!

I thought I would post one confession a week I am guilty of and want you to share yours as well. Want to read last week's confession? Click Here

-Confession of the Week-

I confess I am selfish. Yes, very... and I don't know how to completely let myself go of that. Although I have been getting better.

I confess I can't keep friends. I wish I had friends... I really don't. The friends I can seem to keep are the ones I don't see often. I tend to do better with long distance friendships.

I confess I am an extremely jealous person. I can't help it. That was due to relationship issues that lead me to be this way. I was very trusting then got it thrown back in my face by being cheated on from right under my nose.

I confess I believe money brings happiness.

I am keeping my list a bit short as I am exhausted right now. Goodnight!



  1. I like your confess post. I'm following you back. We can all be selfish and i think friendships work better long distance for me. If I see somebody too much then i get tired of them .. strange right, so i only have 2 friends that i might see weekly.