iConfess Wednesday week3

So I am dedicating Wednesday to Confessions Day or iConfess Wednesday!

I thought I would post one confession a week I am guilty of and want you to share yours as well. Want to read last week's confession? Click Here

-Confession of the Week-

Today's confession comes all the way back from sixth grade. I used to be great friends with a girl named Shannon. I went over to her house one day to work on a school project and just to hang out. As she was in the bathroom, I saw this really cool looking lipgloss on her dresser and I took it.

She confronted me the next day at school during lunch about it and I denied the whole thing. She had people coming up to me, attacking me about it. I still held my ground. She would constantly pass by me and tell me she knew I took it. I always told her I had no idea what she was talking about.

I now feel so bad for lying and stealing that from her. I had no idea why I felt I had the need to. Just something I guess to see if I could get away with. Not sure why. Later, coincidentally, someone ended up stealing it from me. The tables turned. Needless to say, me and Shannon were never friends again and I hated that. I should have just gave it back. Well, I should have never taken it to begin with

That is my confession. What is yours?



  1. I did have it as an actual blog hop last week but didn't do it this week. but it kinda can be if you want to hop on :)

  2. Yeah, I seen it last week and said to myself...'self, I'm going to confess next week' lol

  3. I'll put a linky back up. Maybe more people will join in this week :)

  4. You should make it a blog hop next week! I will join in! :-)