Day 21: A picture of something you wish you could forget

Its day twenty one in the 30 day photo challenge. The photo today is a picture of something you wish you could forget.

Wow, ok, so I have too many things that I wish I could that only two really comes to my mind but its not something I wish to share publicly. So instead I gotta think up another one. Shouldn't be too hard since I seem to have a lot of these regrets or just things I don't really wish to remember.

I think for this one, I would just have to say really bad times in my relationships throughout my life. Everything from being cheated on, to being completely heartbroken and told I was ugly, or that I messed up the relationship and really wasn't trying to. Just heartbreak in general I would like to forget all those bad times.

Focusing on them sometimes drives me a little crazy even though they happened a long time ago. i seem to hold onto one in particular because it hurt me so bad.


  1. Yes, I wish I could forget my heartbreaks too! And . . . I LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!!!!! Please tell me you love and are going to keep it!!! :-)

  2. I spent so much time on this so far I am going to keep it. At least for a super long while. I'm still working on making more of the little elements that go with it. Its not finished, but definitely a great start! And thank you :0)I'm proud of myself

  3. My valentine wish for you is that - no more heartaches for you.