Day 19: A picture of you when you were little

Today is day nineteen of the 30 day photo challenge. Today's photo is a picture of you when you were little.

For a previous day, I had already posted one. I don't seem to have many photos out right now of when I was little. They are either all at my parents house or the ones I do have are in boxes that I need to go through and unpack to find all of my junk.

So here is my photo I chose:

This photo is when we lived in Alaska (1984). I was around 2 years old and my brother was one. This was my Punky Brewster phase. I loved that show and thought I was her. But the kick ass Punky Brewster. Hence the bandanna thing I tried to do to make me look like I could kick your ass


  1.'re one tough little girl! :D LOVE kid pictures! I'm 2 days behind you...I'm doing this challenge too :)

  2. I commented on yours :) Love this pics you put for your inspiration

  3. Oh Rebecca, I LOVE IT!! So cute! I can't wait to do this one tomorrow!!! :-) There is no way I can pick just one!