Day 18: A picture of your biggest insecurity

Today is day eighteen of the 30 day photo challenge. Today's photo is a picture of your biggest insecurity.

Its something that bothers me about myself and I can't stop from thinking about it non stop. Sometimes, I get so wrapped into obsessing about that I can't think right. My biggest insecurity is my neck and chin.

I hate it. Seriously, it is something I can't stop thinking about. I wish I had the perfect neck and jaw line. I look at people and the first thing I look at is their neck and I can't stop thinking I wish mine looked like that. I just want a striking jawline. Its to the point I am willing to get surgery to make myself look the way I want in the neck. I just feel so ugly without a striking jawline.

I am going to work out hard to get beautiful again! That is my goal. I'm tired of obsessing over a neck I feel looks hideous!

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