Day 11: A picture of something you hate

It's day eleven in the 30 day photo challenge. Today's challenge is a picture of something you hate. Oh, this one came to me pretty easy. sadly, there are so many things I hate. I think I hate more things then I like. Isn't that terrible? Well, this one stood out the most in my head.


This has been such a repetitive act a lot lately in my life and I hate it. I hate looking forward to something then being disappointed that it doesn't happen, can't go, something is canceled, not enough money to do anything.... whatever the case has been, I hate being disappointed.

I hate it so much. I get so excited about something then my heart is shattered. It seriously is something I hate


  1. I feel that way every now and then too! I understand what you mean about getting so excited and then bam! it doesn't work out!

  2. It seems to be an almost everyday thing for me. I can't wait til my luck looks up

  3. it could break your heart and spirit if you are too excited and it doesn't work out. We all been through there. :( I know your luck is just around the corner, waiting to surprise you! ^_^