The Woman Behind the Blog

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

And almost 90% of the time, I feel less then beautiful. I think its the most natural reaction a girl has. There are two big things about my body I absolutely hate. The upside is, one of those I can fix. The downside is the other, I cannot.

Either way, there is always a flaw about every person. Whether they are the cream of the crop or the ones who aren't as gifted. All women hate something about themselves.

So, here is a picture of me I took today of myself.
The two things I hate about myself are:

1. My neck/chin area
2. My skin

I have been a great, healthy weight all my life. That is, until after I gave birth to my daughter. I gained too much weight and luckily, lost 30 of those pounds for my wedding day. However, now (2 years after I lost the weight) I have gained it all back, and then some. Sadly, I weigh as much as I did now as when I gave birth and that sucks. So the fat in my stomach area I can deal with. But it now has gone to my neck which makes me feel so fat and utterly disgusting. So much to the point, this is all I can think about almost all day and every time I look in the mirror or see people on tv, I can't stop concentrating on that area. I want my neck and chin to look perfect again.

Good news to me, I can fix it. Just gotta do a bunch of cardio and it should be taken care of. Bad part, you need money for the gym. Once our tax return comes, we are going to the gym again. Me and my husband love being at the gym. So I have been craving being able to go back and can't wait to do so. The gym is a happy place for me.

My other flaw, my skin... I have been battling for years and years. I wish it was glamorous and smooth and beautiful. Sadly, to get beautiful, requires makeup for me and I hate that. Although I go makeup free most of the time during the week and at work, I can't feel beautiful without it.

So share what your flaws with your body are. Don't be shy....


  1. I agree with you. We all have things about our body that we hate. For me I hate my teeth (the two front ones to be exact) and have been trying to talk the dentist into letting me get braces, but unfortunately the military dentists wont do it. So I have to wait until I get back to the states so I can go off base. The other part I dislike is my tummy. Like you, when I got preggo with my son Ty he stretched me out big time. I gained a lot of weight with him. I lost all the weight, but got a ton of left over skin that just kinda hangs there. The OB didn't give me a tummy tuck during my c-section like my first OB did when I had Kiana. So there's a lot of loose skin. Feels like raw chicken skin to be exact. The skin is SLOOOOOOOOOWLY retracting, but I think it'll take years before it completely retracts if it ever does. Maybe someday I'll get that tummy tuck just to tighten the skin up again and maybe have a 6 pack. One can dream right? haha

  2. What is their reason they don't do braces on base? I think thats crazy. I know when we were in Germany, they didn't not do it cause all my friends had them. I guess though things have changed and of course, location can matter as well.I wonder why the docs didn't do a tummy tuck with you when Ty was born. I didn't have a C-section so my flab had to stay. I just wish I could get back to what I used to look like in high school and college and I would be set