iConfess Wednesday week2

So I am dedicating Wednesday to Confessions Day or iConfess Wednesday!

I thought I would post one confession a week I am guilty of and want you to share yours as well. Want to read last week's confession? Click here

-Confession of the Week-

My confession this week is something I'm not proud of. But I was a little kid so I was not into thinking about others, just myself.
When I was about 5 years old, my brother (who was around 4) was burnt so bad by a pot of soup dropping all down his body, his skin melted off of him and he was in the hospital forever being treated and having his skin reattached.

Of course, everyone was very concerned always there to help us out with everything my parents needed since they spent all their time in the hospital with my brother while I was staying with either neighbors or fmaily members.

I was horrible and hated my brother getting all the attention and presents for him to get well. So one day, I went and popped all his inflatable toys for the pool my grandparents gave him (a purple dinosaur in particular) and I stole a stuffed animal dog from him. I was so jealous and now, I cry still thinking about how cruel I was and selfish that my brother almost died and all I cared about was not getting attention from people and jealous he was getting toys and I wasn't.

So, that is something I think about to this day and start tearing up over. I have hated myself ever since for that. Now, me and my brother do not speak, but non the less, just because he doesn't claim me anymore as a friend or family member, I still feel bad for doing those terrible things to him.

So that is my confession for the week.

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  1. Awww, I totally get why you regret this, but I can see myself acting this way as a kid. I think it's a totally normal kid reaction to see your sibling being showered with attention while you're shuffled off to keep out of the way. I'm sorry that happened, and that it sticks with you :(Perhaps one day, if you and your brother ever speak, you might get the chance to give yourself some closure somehow.

  2. When I give birthday presents to my grand kids the one who is having the birthday gets the more expensive gift but the other two get something as well. It is normal for kids to become jealous and sometimes it is the adults that need to ensure they do not get jealous by understanding.The hardest part of situations like this is forgiving yourself.

  3. Oh no. I think we all have moments like that we did as a foolish child. I certainly have a few situations where I hurt family members that I still regret. I should let them go though. It's been 30 years! ;-)I saw you are looking for followers, so I will be your newest follower. Please come follow me back - http://twobearsfarm.blogspot.com

  4. I totally understand where you are coming from, but your behavior was understandable...hoping you can forgive yourself and hope things can be reconciled with your bro. :)

  5. i think your last confession is so sad -> "Now, me and my brother do not speak, ... he doesn't claim me anymore as a friend or family member,..."