History - xoxo Rebecca


So, I'm such a nerd for history. I always have been. I think if it weren't for my passion with art and music, I would have been some type of history major in college and got a job as a teacher or historian speaking about how brilliant and malicious it was. History is completely fascinating to me.

When I was young in elementary school, I had a big obsession with Mozart. Not too many third graders would be, but I was in a play in third grade called "Of Mice & Mozart" and that is when it begun. From then on, every history report I could get away with, I used him as a topic. My family and I even went to his birthplace in Salzburg, Austria one year. It was amazing. I knew more then the tour guide... sad, but very true. Imagine a young little kid telling the tour guide how he left out things. I bet he was embarrassed.

I used to be very much obsessed with WWII and Anne Frank. The whole story sucked me in from seventh grade and on. Living so close to all of the horror while I was little but never appreciated what it was really about until I got older. It is so young in our history too that its so hard to think about it only happened not long ago.

The next one is Marie Antoinette. Last year, this was my biggest obsession. I completely fell in love with French royalty of the 1700's and just could not stop watching and researching biographies on her and the royal family. She was destined to be this great person. Of course, it wouldn't be complete if I hadn't watched the movie over and over again memorizing its every line.
I thought it was well done with the modern music that really brought both worlds together. I only wished it showed the end of her. But after I watched it for the millionth time, I really appreciated how they left it at the end because it still left this hint of glory to her.

And the last one is the Tudors. Sadly, I'm actually more obsessed with the show then King Henry. However, I love the fact that there is so much interest in this family that keeps me wanting to know more. Like how is first daughter, Mary, was known as "Bloody Mary". His second daughter became Queen Elizabeth. He had to keep marrying woman after woman and had 6 wives which he beheaded two of them. I just can't believe how horrible it must have been to live back then.

All my life, I always thought growing up as a princess would have been the ultimate life. Being in the middle ages with so much glamor and riches. Reality is, it was hardly glamor. So much lies and scandal and so much distrust that you could be put to death for any little thing. So much prostitution, disease, not to mention everything was solely based on religious beliefs... oh, just makes me cringe.

But I can tell you, I cannot stop watching this series. I have finished all four seasons and began watching it over again. I can say, I'm totally addicted to it 100% completely