Day 4: A picture of your night.

This is my fourth day of the 30 day photo challenge. Today's photo is a picture of your night.

My night is filled with coming home from work to a messy house. Made by both the child and hubby. Always a mess everyday. I'm such a clean freak too that it drives me insane 99% of the time. I will clean clean clean. I spend my entire weekends and days off cleaning and in 5 mins, its back to this. So this is my night.

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  1. I LOVE Cleaning!! Is that wierd??? hahaha!! I clean our toilet every day! ok, I saw a thing about poop germs spraying 7 feet into the air and then falling back to the surfaces for up to 4 hours...I lysol our whole bathroom everyday. My kiddo loves to crawl on the floor...I just think it's icky. I'm doing this challenge too :)