Day 1: A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

So here is my first of the 30 day photo challenge. A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

Since I just took this picture yesterday, I'll post it since its the most recent one.

And my fifteen facts are:

1. I am Dutch, Russian, Polish, and Native American
2. I will not drive in the middle lane
3. I don't chew my food. Yes, horrible habit but I only swallow it and of course, that's not good for my digestive system but I can't eat any other way
4. I never wanted children. Now I have one daughter and can't help it but I have baby fever now again
5. I'm terribly insecure, jealous, and overly sensitive
6. I can't ever seem to keep friends
7. My favorite animal is the penguin
8. My first job I had was a piano teacher when I turned 16 years old.
9. I'm still totally obsessed with Nsync
10. I named my daughter after a video game character
11. I went to art school and graduated with a BFA in illustration
12. I only really like to watch horror films. Thats my first choice but I like other genres..just not as much
13. I grew up in Heidelberg, Germany during the Gulf War
14. The first concert I went to was Cher and I was 10 years old
15. I only like to have my right foot touched. I love it to be scratched and massaged but not the left

So those are my 15 crazy facts about me! Goodnight everyone. Gotta get up early for another long work day tomorrow


  1. Such a beautiful photo of you! Love your facts as well! That's awesome you grew up in Germany! I'm german & speak it! Have a great week! xx

  2. I love the picture! And your facts are awesome!!

  3. Great picture! Nice to meet you! :)Following you back from A World Of Crafts!

  4. Nice to meet you Rebecca!Look forward to seeing your creativity!!

  5. HA!!! LOVE IT!!! Cher at 10... THat's great =)found you via FTLOB =)

  6. Gorgeous photo! And I want to go to art school so badly, but am gonna put that on hold! Penguins are cute animals! :)

  7. the not chewing one I can understand...the foot one was quarky in a good way! i like unique characteristics about pple :) cute! I feel like I know you a bit more now! I'm doing this challenge too :)beautiful picture :)