So I am dedicating Wednesday to Confessions Day or iConfess Wednesday!

I thought I would post one confession a week I am guilty of and want you to share yours as well. I wonder if I can remember this every week now.

-Confession of the Week-

When I was around ten years old, I was living in Germany at the time. We used to go to the Sight-N-Sound in the PX all the time. Well, I had an obsession with keyboards and pianos so while my family was looking around at the electronics, I always went into the keyboard area and it was a small room with glass walls and an open doorway.
I used to get on one keyboard and listen to the demo and pretend I was playing along. After a few months, I actually memorized the demo so one day, I went in there to mess around on there and I looked up and noticed an audience watching me.
So I just kept on giving my all into the keys pretending to play my heart out. I had every note down as if I were really playing. When the demo finished, everyone around started clapping. I bowed as if I were Mozart finishing the grandest performance of my life and walked away. I could hear all the compliments of everyone saying what a talent I had and I was incredible for a little kid. Little did they know, I faked the whole thing :)

And that is my confession.

Wanna be a part of iConfess Wednesday? Simply copy and past this button on your confession and link it back. Confess anything you wish! Let the fun being every Wednesday.