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38 Week BumpDate

Well, this will be my last update until the baby comes. Things are moving fast and right along as expected. In case you want to scroll back through memory lane with my other bump updates, you can find them here. It's been such an unexpected journey. I had no idea what lied ahead. This baby was a surprise baby and we were very shocked to find out we were pregnant so soon after the birth of our son. But everything is falling into place and this little one will be here in no time.

I took these photos at my doctor's appointment. My belly is so huge yet they keep telling me it's so small compared to the number of weeks I am. LOL I don't feel small in any way, shape, or form. As stated above there is technically only 14 days left to go. However, we are not going that far. As of a week from today, we are only going to 39 weeks. So I have really 7 or less days til this baby is here.

I thought we were going to have a New Years baby as I spent the night before in the hospital having severe contractions and I had dilated. But all signs of labor stopped after a few hours and I was sent home. I've been having contractions here and there on and off the last few days.

I was checked again at my appointment and I am now almost 4cm dilated, 75% effaced and baby is at a -2 for birthing position. In my other pregnancies, once I hit 4cm, I went to 5 in about 30 mins and then from 5-10cm in about 5 or less mins. So we are surly going to see a baby this coming week.

Because of the weather and how cold and the snow we are getting, the doctor spoke to me that if the baby isn't here by 39 weeks {one week from today} then I can come to the hospital and we will get labor going naturally. Not necessarily a traditional induction since he is a natural doctor and I don't believe in being induced. But this way it is a more controlled birth so that I'm not stranded in the cold alone or in a car pile-up due to snow or snowed in the house and help can't come to me.

I was very stressed and freaking out about this at first but after having it explained more and hearing it's not like an induction with pitocin or things like that, my mind is a bit more at ease. Though of course, I want to go into labor on my own without needing any help like I have with my other children. He said he would let me go as far as 44 weeks if needed but with the weather and the scary conditions on the roads, especially at night, it's a bit too risky for me. Since my husband works overnights and we do not own cell phones, getting a hold of him if I needed him would be hard.

So if I can't make this baby come within 7 days, we are looking at a birthdate of 01-10-14 which I've never had a date set before. But my plan is to get labor going on it's own. Besides sex, orgasms, and walking...what suggestions have worked for you or that you know of?
All together, I have gained a total of 24 pounds this pregnancy. I am four pounds over the maximum weight I was supposed to be at. But I guess it can't be helped. I tried to stay under the 20 pound limit. At least I came close though and not overboard. So I don't see anymore weight gain from now until the baby comes because I haven't been gaining more than half a pound during my last few visits.

Baby's heart rate was at 140 bpm. Seems to be staying between 140-145 as an average this entire pregnancy. What does that mean? I don't know. Boy or Girl? Who knows at this point but I know I had a lower rate with my son and a higher rate with my daughter.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an ultrasound and baby was weighing in at 6 pounds 1 ounce. I'm sure a little more weight has put on. But all my kids have been in the seven pound range so I'm thinking this baby may have put on a pound since then and I'm sure it will be in the seven pound range as well when he/she is born.
Still a surprise! I can't wait to find out. Once he or she arrives then we will start discussing names. No need to stress out about that until we know what the baby is. So I decided to wait until we get to see the little prince or princess to select a name that would fit perfectly.
But I'm so curious to know your thoughts. Do you think the baby is going to be a boy or girl? Take my little survey below and let me know!

What Do You Think? He or She?
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I'm still doing my physical therapy for my pelvis to get back in place for the delivery. Each week it seems easier but then I am so sore after. I know we are pushing limits and I like that. I'm hoping to get my muscles back and bones back in place before baby makes it through.
I will still have to continue after the baby is born to make sure I can get things healing again. Crazy how this happened because of my pregnancies so close together. So crossing my fingers this is going to be a fast healing process and the bones fuse back together. 

The next baby update I do will actually be about a baby! No more bumpdate updates anymore. So keep your eyes out and cross your fingers for me that baby is perfect, healthy, and comes naturally.

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