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Officially A Toddler

That's right. My special little guy is officially one year old. He had his birthday on November 8th. He is no longer a baby but a toddler now. The time has just flown by so quickly. I can hardly believe it's been a year already. This year has been so many emotions running up and down for us especially in the beginning.
For those of you who have been a long time reader of my blog, I am sure you remember. For those of you who are new, you can look back on my post about this. My little guy almost didn't make it and wouldn't be here today if the doctor's didn't do what they had to do. I am so thankful that they were so knowledgeable to be so quick to help my little man survive this far in life.

So we didn't have a big birthday party like we did with my daughter's first birthday. This time, we did just a small family thing. My parents took us out to dinner a few days before to celebrate Reg turning one. It was fun. The kids got balloon animals and he got his taste of his first real dessert {since he has been a strictly organic only fed baby} they brought out one of those brownie ice cream treats for us and sang him Happy Birthday.

Then on Friday Nov. 8th {his actual birthday} I took the kids to my parents house and they gave him another birthday dessert treat and he opened his presents.

And that evening, we had a small birthday party for him at the house. My mom bought some things for us to use. Just some small decorations and a cake. I forgot to use the plates and little party accessories my mom bought...oopps! It matched the little safari themed banner on the wall. It was fun though. My daughter had a great time helping out with everything for him. And of course, more presents to play with :)

So I think he had a nice little birthday. Nothing fancy or out of this world, but it was special for a special little guy! He sure seemed to enjoy the sugar rush he got! 

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