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Eight Months Down

It's Friday and that means I have officially entered month eight of this pregnancy. With being 32 weeks now, there is only about eight more weeks to go. Though as I always state, I think it may be less but I'm actually hoping to go into labor and delivery on my due date. I think it would be cool to hit 40 weeks. Since I did 38 with my first, 39 with my second...40 would be the next number round. We shall see.

I feel huge though it doesn't appear to look that big in the photos, trust me. I'm super big! I can't believe how large my belly has gotten. I have even actually began to get stretch marks which I never really got in my other pregnancies until later. And my belly button is now sticking out. Kind of strange and weird I must say. Have you missed my previous monthly updates? You can go back and find them HERE

I'm sure you remember last month where I totally got punished for gaining over ten pounds. Well, we are now at seventeen pounds since the beginning and I'm starting to get ok with that number. Though the doctor still wants me to not gain anymore than 20 at birth, I'm supposed to stay within four pounds a month. So since I only gained two months this month, he wasn't so hopped up on it like last time. Which is good since it stressed me out a lot. And didn't help that the husband thought I have gained too much weight as well.
I have seen other people gain about 35 pounds at this point. But I was told no more than 20 pounds total. So I am eating healthy, being active and exercising and trying to stay fit so that I don't keep packing on the weight. So far though, I'm proud of myself this month for only gaining half a pound a week. I'm trying to stay healthy so I think it's showing.

It's getting closer and closer to finding out what our baby will be. I'm still hoping for a girl. Though I do not really care or focus on that. I just think it would be nice to have another girl around. Still no names have been discussed or mentioned. We seem to choose at the very end. So I am ok with that. I think it will be easier once the baby comes and we know if it will be a boy or girl to decide on a name. I'm getting excited though. Eight weeks til we finally know what our little baby will be!!!
I believe I felt the moment when the baby dropped down lower into position. I got very nauseous and couldn't breathe. I felt like I was having a lot of cramping and pains. But not like labor pains. It was very different. I got dizzy and started to sweat really bad. It just felt like the baby had completely moved and all the pressure was now being forced upon me.

I was given back the test results of my glucose test I did at 28 weeks. Everything was 100% normal as I knew it would be. I have never failed one of these tests nor had any doctor say there may be a concern. So I'm glad it's done and over with. He told me that in order for them to start getting a bit worried, the number had to be above 150. Mine was 94. So it's very low! I was told I actually need to eat more sugar to get my blood level higher but I think I eat more than enough LOL I don't think I need to go back on a rampage again.
Also, I am borderline anemic which is no surprise. I have been like that my whole life having to take iron pills since I was little. But he said I don't need any since it's right on the edge, I'm going to be fine if I don't take an extra supplement. Just get some more iron enhanced foods daily and I should be good to go. Easy enough!
Also what the doctor did was try to release some fluid build up from my back. I suffer from a painful condition having a pilonidal cyst since birth. If you want to know all the facts about it, you can read up on it HERE. Basically the short version is that it is a painful cyst that grows on your tailbone. It can grow so large that it actually breaks through your back and opens a hole while your tailbone sticks out of your back. Sometimes looking like a tail.
It is hereditary in my family and almost everyone suffers from this. It is more common though in men than women. Luckily, I haven't gotten it to become a really serious issue where surgery was needed. That is pretty much the only treatment. My dad had to have his sawed off completely and my brother has a hole in his back here it needs to mended with gauze because it breaks open often.
Mine starts to get extremely painful. Especially during pregnancy. I'm glad my doctor is very knowledgeable about this and was able to use the pressure in certain places to start trying to release some of the pain and fluid without having to open up my back and drain anything. He couldn't push right on the cyst because if that were to pop or open, it could cause infection inside my body and harm me and the baby. But it helped what he did. I was sore though for a few days after, but I'm feeling a lot less of the pain from it lately. It will come back but for now, it has eased up some. The pain comes and goes. It's not a fun thing to have. But I deal with it.

Well, I normally get to see the doctor right before I do these updates. But do to the fact it is coming up the holidays, he will not be in the office and so my appointment day and time had to be pushed to this coming Monday with another doctor. So my next appointment is really in a few days now. That is why I couldn't update on here the baby's heart rate. Since I won't know for a few days, I am not sure.
I don't know what to expect at this appointment either. It will probably be another quick in and out type of deal. Which is ok with me. And since it's not my normal doctor, I don't mind so much anyways. But after that, I go for a 34 week appointment. I am not sure when I start going weekly to the doctor but I am sure it is coming up soon. So I guess that is it for now! Getting closer and closer every update!

As you can see, I made a bit of an update change to the Milestone part of it. I normally have my doctor's appointments right before I post these to give complete accuracy. However, this past week, my doctor is on vacation due to the holidays and my appointment got pushed back just a few days so I could get in and see another doctor this time around.

I was for sure that I felt the baby drop last week. So sure. But it looks like it hasn't yet. I got a bit scared and nervous when he told me this. Seeing as I'm going to be 33 weeks soon, all my other pregnancies, the baby has dropped around 28-30 weeks.

I am not high risk or anything..thank goodness for that... but they like to keep a close watch on everything the baby is doing because of my rapid labor history. That is what I was told again today as well. With as fast as I go into labor and had my other children in less than a three hour time span, they need to make sure when the time comes, we are ready since there is no time really on our side.

So we found out that the baby is still breech when we checked the heart measurements. Baby's heart is beating at 146 bpm which is still great to hear. Especially when I just took that really horrible fall the other day in my parents garage. The baby's heart is sitting right underneath my left lung and when the doctor felt around, he could feel the baby way up there still. And so can I when it moves. I just assumed it was it's feet kicking me there and it's head down at the bottom. But no. It's head is at my lungs.

He said we need to start looking into this, but not to be concerned just as of yet. I go back at 35 weeks and they are going to do a really good check over the baby to see the position. If the baby has not turned by then, then we will start talking about concerns and options and everything. It's kind of scary since this has never happened before. I know how dangerous it can be if the baby won't turn before it starts it's way into labor.

But no need to panic just yet. But I can't seem to stop thinking about it. However, everything else seems to be good. My weight is great {thank goodness}, my blood pressure is phenomenal {yippee skippee}, and the Braxton Hicks I have been having are all normal still. No early labor signs. So that is pretty much for the 32 week update. I guess I will post again around 35-36 weeks when I go back to see them. I hope baby has changed it's position by then. Fingers crossed!

My friend Ashley introduced me to a site to help "motivate" the baby to turn and get going in the right direction. I am going to look up on this so that a natural way can be done instead of having to go through something serious like a c-section in the end. So thank you Ashley for the research. I will get on this right away!

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