Breast Cancer Awareness Makeup - xoxo Rebecca

Breast Cancer Awareness Makeup

If you saw one of my earlier posts this week, I talked about how October wasn't just about Halloween, but there are many awareness's that are in the month of October to be observed and thought of. Of course, I think the most popular one is Breast Cancer Awareness.

I fell in love with one of my favorite bloggers {Maria from Agape Love} posts on Breast Cancer Awareness look for your eyes. I had to try it out for myself. Of course, even though I am an artist, I really do suck at makeup and really need to figure out how to put it on and wear it better.
But I attempted. Of course, you can see her amazing look here. Mine does not compare but it is a start and I was somewhat happy with how it turned out. I needed a thinner brush and a bit more control of my medium.

So here is my attempt at the eyes:

Not perfect but not too shabby for someone who is kind of makeup clueless. I seriously need my own personal makeup artist. That would rock! But that's a bit of wishful thinking unless I won a billion dollars or something.

But what else goes good with bringing awareness to the public then through your eyes? Cupcakes! I was at the store and saw these Breast Cancer Awareness cupcakes for sale. No, I didn't buy them. But I did snap a photo.

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